I-Opener Remote Entry

Price: $24.99


Leave your opener remote behind! Introducing the revolutionary I-Opener system. The I-Opener system is an exclusive Autocloser accessory that puts fast and ultra-secure garage access at the tip of your finger. This optional subsystem allows you to open and close the garage door from a secure terminal utilizing an electronic key. No more adding and removing hard-to-remember keycodes! The Autocloser Kit comes with two black electronic keys. Additional colored keys can be ordered separately.
Up to 9 electronic keys can be programmed. If a key is lost, simply reprogram the remaining keys (about a two minute
process) and the lost key will no longer function.

Each electronic key has a unique code that is permanently stored in the key's memory. The code provides 281,474,976,710,656 possible serial numbers. That's 281 trillion possible numbers. If a thief wanted to circumvent the system by inputting every possible number, it would take more than a million years. (The I-Opener system only reads a serial number once per second.) The exclusive I-Opener system is highly secure, easy to install and easy to operate.


AutoCLOSER Advantages

  • Five different user-selectable closing times customize Autocloser to fit YOUR needs.
  • Shorter time intervals will minimize the amount of time your garage is open to intruders.
  • Exclusive I-Opener system provides secure garage access with easy reprogramming to deactivate lost or stolen keys. No re-keying required!
  • Visible and audible closing alerts make Autocloser even safer.
  • All digital design for increased reliability and longer life.
  • Autocloser uses proprietary 'SmartDetect'™ technology to detect an obstacle in the path of the garage door and automatically disables itself to reduce possible damage.
  • Autocloser utilizes the exclusive 'SmartClose'™ technology to provide the safest closing procedure possible.
  • Easy access disable button allows door to remain open without turning off the Autocloser unit. To reactivate, just close the door!
  • Protects by closing garage door after inadvertent and malicious openings.
  • No worrying if your batteries have died because no batteries are required! Autocloser is on the job 24 hours a day!
  • The Autocloser is lightning resistant.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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